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Världsberget, NEJD, Gothenburg, 2019

Världsberget is a installation made in collaboration with Mikael Marklund. Consisting of 10 different rooms and scenes that the spectator walks through one by one. Using sculptural, performative and auditory elements. The different scenes float in and out of each other, together forming a cluster-like narrative with the (beautiful) attempt as it’s main theme.

The rooms of the installation choreograph the movements of the visitor, forcing them to take on different positions towards scenes. First turning them into the protagonist of the narrative, then to an invisible listener or eavesdropper. Back to the indented viewer of an artwork or machine, hopelessly trying to recreate a childhood memory told by a character in one of the previous rooms.

Installation view, first room

Installation view, first room

Detail, first room

Installation view, third room

Installation view

Installation view, fifth room

Installation view, sixth room

Detail, sixth room

Installation view, seventh room